This is mindless log. It has no other purpose than to collect random tidbits of information. It reminds me of a stinky log, so stinky in fact, well it's too much stink to talk about.

Thursday, March 31, 2005

Free SSH and SCP for Windows 9x, NT, ME, 2000 and XP

Free SSH and SCP for Windows 9x, NT, ME, 2000 and XP

SSH, Cygwin, Putty

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Trying new BlogThis firefox extension.

Safe-Mode Boot Switches for Windows Boot.ini File

Cuz we all gotta know when it's safe to boot.

Yo! Ch3ck This! It's L337!!

Google Desktop Search Tips

Excellent GDS (google desktop search resource)....

See fo' yoah dang self!

what no images??? LOL

If you ain't gds'n u kinda behind the times.... :( - maf: installation - maf: installation

remember to do this. install maf.

right now, i gotta make firefox browser run on usb drive with portablefirefox.

why i need it??? maybe just profiles is enough.

Following a Process for Startup and Recovery

Following a Process for Startup and Recovery

Well, we should probably all read this at some point in time.

I sure am, freakin-A I'm sick o wastin time reinstalling and getting my stuff all dialed in.

This is the last time, BABY

OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From this point, I use mirrors, images, restore points, remote control, redundancy, remote and local backups!!!

U know what I'm TALKING ABOUT?? Probly not, oh well... Read the above doc to get started.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Mr Toad says.

Mr Toad says this:

It's a wild ass ride.

Monday, March 28, 2005

The other night... I had a dream about my former boss.

Sitting in the meeting room, the noise, droning on -- hypnotic, trancelike.

Monotone -- flatlined, not a soul I can see through the transparent jellyfish.

He raised his voice! An important thought, perhaps???? Alas, it was not it was ...

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Mindless Blog



Dummy firefox wont' let me save some winmp skins...

Skins direcotry:


Or this one here.

Most every time you wnana get somthing done! computers are in the wya!!!

wow , this ceral is goo

Friday, March 25, 2005

carsong on 43 Things that make me freakin NUTS!!!!

carsong on 43 Things

Gheesh, that took soo stanking long...


Ok, now it's on to rox and rolls.


Thursday, March 24, 2005

Freaking bid ass lettrs

Some people would like to know how in the heck this stupid this thing works.

It must be magic.

It must be black magic.

Nay, I say. It is gay.

Oh, and this is what I say ...


Yippe kaaeee mofo!!!



IM L337 !!!


sheck it out ... how u gonna index them net-drives?

Google Groups : Google Desktop Search

-- quoted from some hacker on the net.

In the registry, goto:
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Google\Google Desktop\HistoricalCapture\Crawler]

Make all these keys look like below: (you gotta get rid of the "file" done thing).

"CRAWL_DIRS"="!C: !Z: !X: "

The correct for mat for the CRAWL_DIRS parameter is
DRIVE_LETTER with your drive ie. C: or D: and [TAB_KEY] eith the actual
tab character " ".

If you do not feel confortable with editing your registry, it would be best for you to wait untill someone codes a plugin for additional drives.
Long live goOOOGLE.

Mindless GI


Feels like my intestines have rocks in them!

Contentious � Word of Advice: Back Up ALL Your Firefox Settings

Contentious � Word of Advice: Back Up ALL Your Firefox Settings

Someone in comments writes (good advice):

As far as backups, I’m with Marc Orchant: I backup my entire hard drive on a regular basis. I’ve tried all of the partial solutions, such as DataKeeper and other file backup/syncing applications that just backup subsets of data, but at the end of the day the easiest, least time-consuming, and most effective solution has been to make a disk image on a regular basis. I currently use Symantec’s Drive Image (it used to be PowerQuest before Symantec bought them) – which has been replaced by (or renamed as) Ghost 9, I believe. It’s a huge application compared to other disk imaging solutions, but at least it lets you image your drive while Windows is running (many other applications still require you to run them from DOS or from outside Windows). Once a week, everything on my primary hard drive gets imaged to an external drive. -- Comment by Scott — 3/4/2005 @ 4:02 am


It was the FIRST AND LAST time I will ever edit that links thing in the side bar. I mean, GOOOSSHHH! What's up with that thing. It's like what I used to do in 95 what with all that code and crpy stuff.

What the heck is a div anyhow!?!

I suppose it would be better to have a freakin wysiwyg to edit the entire page.

I can't imagine how many people screw up their page cuz of that sidebar crapy code!!

The wysiwig is pretty good when u make a blug though...

Mindless TV

This infamoos websate has more information that you would never like to know than eny other one.

Mindless Blog

Mindless Blog

Um, I guess "Blog This" up at the top means to put a link in a page.

Kinda crazy.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Welcome to the new age.

C:\Documents and Settings\carson\Space\Media\WareBin