This is mindless log. It has no other purpose than to collect random tidbits of information. It reminds me of a stinky log, so stinky in fact, well it's too much stink to talk about.

Monday, August 29, 2005

This is blog

I'm using a blogging tool. It's linear. I have no way to link to other pages on my website right now.

If i want to do that what do I do?

I'd need to write link get the url, etc.

Here's my home site: Carsonspace.

Bye for now.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Very interesting.... Very interesting indeed.

New Social-Network Mapping Tools Are Emerging

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

ads ... gone

To make it easier for you, just get the chromedit firefox extension, so you can edit your user files without having to f-ing search for them.

chromedit (for editing the userContent.css)

Add this line at the bottom:
div#ad {display:none ! important;}
div#ads {display:none ! important;}

Monday, August 01, 2005

playin gmusic is fun.


Heres’ sample o my musica. well, still synchronizing… should be done but the pipe is little.


becuz. i couldn’t figure out how to add a new thing… even though i done it many times (last was 17 weeks ago).

anyhow, i could use supernatural powers and force the “I want to” entry area to appear above everything else..

What if I did this? What if I just said, “i want to save humanity from computers” to my computer and it showed up here.

Not supernatural. GODLIKE! I could do it. If i wanted to. If …


This some trick ass SHIT! Check!

VR (voice recognition) is KEY! So fuckign get used to it asshoels!

0) “screen snap”
1) “select area”
2) select the area
3) “crop area”
4) draw on it, do whatever
5) “save to website assets”
6) “close window”
7) “dreamweaver”
8) click assets page
9) do this and that
10) and the other
11) take a crap
12) save
13) “synchronize”
15) ... (will add movie)


profil? ok, bookmarks, todo lists… contact boosk, all a buncha nonsense that u gotta remember .

so! I did it.! And it was WURTH IT!

contacts: gmail